Event Modeling

Designing Modern Information Systems


Posted at — Jun 27, 2019

Slack Group

The community needed a non-technical discussion on Information System design. The Slack channel was created to create an environment where this type of discussion could happen and allow a new avenue for the practice to get adopted. You can join the community throught this link

Intro Video

This is a more recent video of Event Modeling being explained to the DDD Greece meetup group.

This is the first public recording of a talk on Event Modeling. It was recorded at the Event-Driven Meetup in Seattle, WA. James Nugent was presenting on the Raft consensus algorithm that same night.


These are the upcoming workshops around the globe that are about or include Event Modeling:

  1. CQRS/ES and Event Modeling - Seattle, WA - August 19-21
  2. CQRS/ES and Event Modeling - Montreal, QC - August 26-28
  3. CQRS/ES and Event Modeling - Den Haag, NL - September 4-6 (link coming soon)
  4. Advanced CQRS-ES with Event Modeling - Boston, MA - December 11-13 (link coming soon)

Realtime Board Template

trello example

In the demos of event modeling, Miro Realtime Board is used. If you would like to get started from a small example, you can download the example event model above from here.

Implementation Gist

trello screenshot

This script only requires fish shell and a couple of command line utilities to show the above example work. You can find it in a gist here.